This March, Tashkeel presents Mind The Gap, an exhibition and programme that is the result of an open call to creatives of all nationalities residing in the United Arab Emirates. Twenty eight artists were selected from an overwhelming amount of applicants that responded to the call. Mind the Gap explores the idea of perceiving everyday gaps or divisions as opportunities, and not problems, through a creative lens.

Mind the Gap invited participants to observe cultural differences and similarities, question, interrogate, and illuminate the cultural gaps in our everyday life and in turn, help illuminate the gaps and opportunities they unveil. The call further asked contributors ‘How can we visualize the intervals between technology and craft, old and young, past and future, mind and matter, what would these look like?’. The thought-provoking question is meant to invite a pause and observation of the space between those periods attempting to enhance the historical, social and cultural fabric of the United Arab Emirates.

Conceptualised by curator Jack Thomas Taylor, Mind the Gap compliments his ongoing interrogation of values, “If we inherit a better value system then can we possibly create more meaning?”. This is the first time that Tashkeel invites and collaborates with a guest curator on an open call. Taylor continues to say: “Unlike conventional exhibitions, Mind the Gap will transform Tashkeel into a research lab of thoughts, feelings and expressions that bring together a diverse group of people, of varying ages, nationalities and backgrounds, to showcase how they feel about the gaps within the context of the United Arab Emirates.”

Some of the gaps that have been highlighted in the upcoming group exhibition include language, craft and technology, gender, education and knowledge, tradition and architecture.

“With Mind the Gap, we are offering Tashkeel visitors an experience, the group show allows for an overview of various works that have all responded to the same call in unique yet remarkable ways. This marks Tashkeel’s ninth open call and we’re delighted to present Mind the Gap this March, coinciding with Dubai Art Week” commented Jill Hoyle, Manager of Tashkeel.

Exhibited Artworks