Ayman Zedani

Ayman Zedani was born in Saudi Arabia in 1984. With a lifelong interest in experimenting with chemicals, the eventual goal of opening a lab led him to pursue an undergraduate degree in biomedical science at Griffith University in Australia. While in Australia, he followed his interest in art and undertook several courses leading him to more seriously pursue his interest.

Zedani works are marked by an advanced expressionist quality, and move away from realism in their application of shapes and forms that are drastically altered from their usual configurations. He has spent time experimenting with a range of mediums, including photography (analog and digital), digital art, illustration, painting and sculpting. Zedani’s scientific background is evident in his continued experimentation with technique and photo processing, as well as his affinity for prisms and geometric forms.

Zedani’s experimental work calls up, and explores, the idea of the role of self, in all its formation. The infinite repetition found in the prisms Zedani frequently draws on in this exploration brings into question the idea of an objective, singular self, and puts forward experimentation and creation as avenues for navigating the constantly evolving self.


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