Past Workshops

23 March 2017

Poster Design Workshop

aftermodern.lab inc.

Introducing participants to the expanded field of visual communication and the broad definition of the discipline. This workshop is an exploration in research, concept development, illustration, photo...

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28 February 2017

Experimental Arabic Type Design

Dr. Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

The Khatt Foundation Experimental Arabic Type Design Workshop will consist of an intensive 4-day workshop that focuses on the experimental potential of Arabic typeface design and will pave the ground ...

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Fireifij Khatt 2

7 September 2016

Introduction to Rhinoceros

Mays Albaik

This workshop will introduce students to the basics of Computer-Aided design, and digital three-dimensional modelling and presentation methods.

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Rhinoworkshop 400X300

17 December 2014

Khatt Foundation: Arabic Type Design

The programme for the third Khatt Foundation Type Design Workshop at Tashkeel will cover the complex process of Arabic typeface design – from the creative inception phase, to drawing the letterforms, ...

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Khtt Tash Wrk2013 Image

11 December 2014

​Modular Arabic Typeface (Part 2)

In the second part of Modular Arabic Typeface, participants will build on the modular alphabet created in the first workshop and develop a full typeface with all the contextual variants of each letter...

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24 November 2014

Modular Arabic Lettering (Part 1)

The workshop will focus on learning the basic rules of Arabic letters and type such as structure, proportions, shape and families.

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11 June 2013

Arabic Calligraphy and Design

The Arabic Calligraphy & Design workshop is composed of a series of lectures and hands-on tutorials that aim to develop the basic skills of calligraphy and explore the usage of calligraphy in design c...

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