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29 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (8 - 11 years): Origami and Gift!

Muna Al Marashi

Want to give the gift of origami this Eid Al Adha? Learn the the ancient art of paper folding with instructor Muna Al Marashi. Although ancient, this art sneakily helps us in the modern day by improvi...

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Origami and Gift 2

28 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (8 - 11 years): Rubber Block Printmaking

Chie Nakano

Design, cut, colour and don’t be afraid to get messy! These are the ABC’s of Rubber Block Printmaking and there is so much more to learn in this fun and rewarding workshop with artist Chie Nakano. Chi...

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Rubber Block Printmaking 2

27 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (8 - 11 years): The Art of Doodling

Did you say fun and interactive? This is the perfect workshop for those looking to explore the fun art of doodling and painting to create unique doodle posters while gaining knowledge and understandin...

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The Art of Doodling 1

26 July 2021

Tashkeel Lecture: Festivals & Biennales – The Selection Process

Gain the curator's perspective of large-scale art and design events in this informative live lecture by Sumantro Ghose, Artistic Director of Noor Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Sumantro Ghose will explore th...

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Portrait Sumantro

26 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (8 - 11 years): Shop Designer

Azim Al Ghussein

Build your own miniature shop with Azim Al Ghussein! This workshop is designed to help children explore their spatial design skills using cardboard and other materials to construct a simple shop space...

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Shop Designer 4 01

25 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (8 - 11 years): Collage with Pattern

Azim Al Ghussein

Patterns speak! Did you know patterns and textures have meaning and create feelings? In this illustration workshop with Azim Al Ghussein, children draw inspiration from textures and patterns unique to...

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Untitled 2

15 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (12 - 16 years): Screenprinting Goodies

Khalid Mezaina

Personalized and artful goodies! Learn to create unique visual outputs with screen printing with Khalid Mezaina. In this highly popular workshop, children will create designs inspired by our local lan...

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Screenprinting Goodies 1

14 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (12 - 16 years): Make Your Own Tile

Chafa Ghaddar

Invent your own unique tiles with a fresco master! This workshop with artist Chafa Ghaddar is a chance for children to learn to create artistic tiles while layering plaster by using fabric, stencils, ...

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Make Your Own Tile 2

13 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (12 - 16 years): Origami for a Celebration

Muna Al Marashi

Learn the game of folding! You might think it’s just paper folding but Origami improves hand-eye coordination, motor skills and mental concentration In this workshop, Muna Al Marashi will teach and ch...

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Origami for a Celebration 2

12 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (12 - 16 years): Linocut It!

Chie Nakano

Do you know Picasso? How about Hokusai? (Hint: think a great wave against Mount Fuji). In this workshop with artist Chie Nakano, learn the art of Linocut that these great artists and many more have us...

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Lino Cut It 2

11 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (12 - 16 years): Still-life Mixed Media

Rania Naccour

Explore the magic of still-life drawing and mixed media! In this workshop with artist Rania Naccour, children will be guided step by step throughout the process drawing a still life from a real model....

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Still life Mixed Media

30 June 2021

Design Your Brand Intro

Rock Galpin

What should your next steps be after developing your business concept? This workshop will guide participants through the process of originating a brand or developing an existing brand. Participants wi...

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