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20 July 2020

Live Lectures: Arish

Sandra Piesik, Dr.

In this lecture 'Date Palm Universe in the Post – COVID-19 World', architect, researcher and author of ‘Arish: Palm-Leaf Architecture’ (Thames & Hudson, 2012) Dr Sandra Piesik explores date palm culti...

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19 September 2020

Artists Working Through Crisis

Kevin Jones

Less a course and more a series of group therapy sessions, ‘Artists Working Through Crisis’ builds on Tashkeel’s equity as a site of support and exchange. By articulating personal and collective “cent...

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11 December 2019

Critical Dialogues

Kevin Jones

Begun in 2016, this yearly twelve-week course offers artists the tools to significantly improve how they represent themselves. Based on the belief that we can’t think critically if we don’t read crit...

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14 December 2016

Critical Dialogues

Kevin Jones

The Critical Dialogues programme is recommended for any artist, writer, curator or individual actively engaged in contemporary art.

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18 March 2016

Critical Dialogues II

Cristiana de Marchi

The Critical Dialogue sessions tie into Tashkeel's broader programming tied to current creative practices, professional development and critical engagement.

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8 December 2015

Critical Dialogues I

Cristiana de Marchi

The Critical Practice Programme was established to support artists living and working in the UAE through a combination of workshops, reading groups, mentorship and exhibition programmes.

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5 May 2015

Idea Development through Productive Failure

Areej Kaoud

In this workshop, participants are asked to embrace failure, doubt and consequent experimentation – discovering the productive space between failure and success. Participants should bring to the works...

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17 February 2015

The Found Object

Areej Kaoud

The Found Object workshop will start by discussing the found object in its most basic definition, examining the removal of everyday objects from their natural context and bringing them into a gallery ...

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