Debjani Bhardwaj

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Illustration, Painting, Sculpture

"As a child I always enjoyed arts and crafts as a form of play. I discovered early on that when an object conveys emotion, it becomes powerful beyond mere play. This

power is what became and continues to be my motivation in making art.

Some artists must traverse a long, circuitous road to find their true calling and medium and I am one such artist. I began my career as a financial analyst crunching numbers on excel spreadsheets by day and filling pages of a sketchbook by night. I was a dreamy artist disguised as a hard-nosed corporate geek in a business suit and lived in constant fear of my true identity being “discovered”. I was greatly relieved when my daughter was born and I was forced to give up the comfort zone of a corporate career for playing myself in the risk- fraught field of art... I like to work with fragile mediums like drawing and printmaking on paper and paper/clay/felt, sculpture that will eventually fade, erode or self destruct because life is impermanent and I would not like my works to live on until the end of time.

My drawings, prints and sculptures delve deep into the human mind. Looking at my work I realize that I am a storyteller and I love stories with a certain element of surprise. I hand build my stories in either clay or with inks on paper, layering the surfaces with textures. These stories have no ending nor do they contain answers to the questions they pose. They are inquisitive, honest and dwell on the mysteries of daily living. Of all the features of the body, it is the face that intrigues and challenges me the most. I almost always play with how specific to get with facial features. I prefer expressions to be quiet, introverted, or even somewhat blank, suggesting that the person is experiencing an internal moment, rather than trying to actively confront the viewer.

My work is primarily figurative because by rendering the physical form one can suggest an array of internal, ephemeral, spiritual, emotional and psychological experiences. I am an aspiring psychologist and I use the human figure to understand human beings and human nature." (Artist statement)

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