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‬Tashkeel is pleased to launch the call for applications for First Solo Residencies, a programme‭ to enable UAE-based art‭ ‬and design practitioners to undertake a short term‭, ‬self-directed residency within the Emirate of Dubai‭ at Tashkeel House 10, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. The aim of the First Solo Residencies is to provide artists and designers who are members of Tashkeel with the opportunity to present an exhibition‭, ‬public outcome or work-in-progress‭. ‬The programme is intended to both support and nurture practice‭, ‬whilst‭ ‬providing the freedom within the space to experiment and build experience‭ ‬–‭ ‬from installation through to curation and display‭. ‬The inaugural edition welcomed Behnoosh Feiz for the first cycle‭, ‬and a collaborative residency between CharLes and Nujoom Al Ghanem for the second‭.‬

Opened in 2010‭, ‬Tashkeel Al Fahidi contains two galleries together with five studios occupied by artists working in fine art‭, ‬jewellery and mixed media‭. ‬Over the last 12‭ ‬years‭, ‬Tashkeel Al Fahidi has played host to 16‭ ‬exhibitions by UAE-based artists‭, ‬9‭ ‬exhibition programmes during SIKKA‭, ‬and 6‭ ‬editions of the A.i.R‭. (‬Artists-in-Residence‭) ‬programme in partnership with Dubai Culture and Arts Authority‭. ‬

The call is open to all Tashkeel members, active or inactive. Up to 2 individuals can submit a joint application, and successful applicant(s) must hold a valid Tashkeel monthly membership for the duration of the residency. Applicants can choose between two residency periods: 1 November - 31 December 2022 or 11 January - 6 March 2023.

Proposals from artists and designers who are members of Tashkeel should be submitted through the application form by 10pm, 1 September 2022.

  • Open to all Tashkeel members‭, ‬whether active or inactive‭.‬
  • Up to 2‭ ‬individuals may submit a joint application for a residency‭.‬
  • Successful applicant(s‭) ‬must hold a valid Tashkeel monthly membership for the duration of the residency
  • Successful applicant(s‭) ‬will be available for one or both residency periods‭: ‬
    ‭(‬1‭) ‬Residency A‭: ‬1‭ ‬November‭ ‬–‭ ‬31‭ ‬December 2022
    ‭(‬2‭) ‬Residency B‭: ‬11‭ ‬January‭ ‬–‭ ‬6‭ ‬March 2023

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