Updates from Tanween Programme 2016 -2017

LAB 004 - Helen Voce & Roanne Dods

Building up on the momentum gained over the first half of the programme, Tanween 2016-17 participants completed an intensive LAB 004 session over the past weekend led by the programme mentors Helen Voce and Roanne Dods.

The three-day workshop started with a very thorough design review that investigated the contextual legitimacy of each of the proposed designs and their regional application within the UAE.

The first review session was followed by an exploration of the different methods of budget management. The session allowed the participants to look at the most effective ways of accounting for all the costings involved in the design process.

The third day of the workshop focused on the practical aspect of design where product designer and the programme’s local mentor Kevin Badni, led the participants in an immersive rapid prototyping process, producing quick mock-up to identify the areas that require further development.

The next session will be in mid October, which will review the initial stages of production and further refinements.