Updates from Tanween Programme 2016 -2017

LAB 005 -Towards Design Days Dubai 2017

With great enthusiasm, the designers presented their final prototypes for the fifth and final LAB session, and were given constructive feedback from the Tashkeel team and LAB leader Helen Voce. From this stage onwards, they will be entering the final production stage.

In addition, Helen Voce spoke to them about the fundamentals of starting a successful microenterprise in the UAE, including valuable tips on successfully communicating with local manufacturers. Tanween alumni Jumana Taha, co-founder of Studio MUJU, was also invited to share her experience and advise the current participants on finding and engaging with manufacturers.

Leading up to Design Days Dubai 2017, the participants have started to plan the layout of the Tashkeel booth, where they will be exhibiting the limited edition products they have been working on throughout the year. These will include a two lighting installations and two furniture products - each of the designs respond to an aspect of the UAE environment that holds both natural and social significance, whether it be sand, rocks grown in seawater, or abandoned furniture found outside shaebi homes.