Hybrids of creativity1

Organised by the Dubai Future Foundation, the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI is an annual two-day event (11-12 Oct) which aims to establish a better understanding of how emerging technology is impacting our world, collaborations and partnerships in the space of generative A.I.

As part of this year’s proceedings, Tashkeel in partnership with the Dubai Future Foundation presents ‘Hybrids of Creativity’, an exhibition of contemporary art conceived through a synthesis of artist and AI.

The exhibition of 54 Tashkeel-commissioned artworks aims to educate the viewer on how AI artworks are created; enhancing understanding not only of the process but also the endless possibilities that can be achieved when integrating Artificial Intelligence into one’s creative practice.

The 13 participating professional artists used specialist AI software (Midjourney and Adobe Photoshop Generative Fill). Using a range of prompts – an existing artwork, descriptive writing or an image (such as a photograph, sketch or render) – each artist spent several weeks refining the image generated through further blending and additional prompts until reaching the final iteration of each work.