Zuleika Penniman

Fashion Design

Zuleika Penniman is a jewellery designer. In addition to jewellery, she creates interior objects (bijoux d’éspace) to activate the spaces that her jewels inhabit. Drawing on the sacred nature of adornment, Zuleika’s work explores the notions of personal presence and the power of design to stimulate awareness of the now. The pieces she makes, both small and large, reference the role of objects in creating and facilitating ceremony – whether sacred or mundane. At the centre of Zuleika’s work is a profound respect for materials and process, building on what has passed while looking forward.

Zuleika is of Lebanese-American origin. She studied design at ESMOD in Beijing and Central Saint Martins in London before setting up her studio in Dubai.

Zuleika joined Tashkeel in 2014 as Member 299. She participated in Tanween design programme (2015/16) and has exhibited with Tashkeel in ‘Made in Tashkeel’ (2015), at Design Days Dubai (2016) and Dubai Design Week (2016).


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