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Drawing, Installation, Painting, Sculpture

Yuuki Tsukiyama was born in Kobe City in 1976. He has studied sculpture at the Kyoto University of Art and Design and is now based at his own studio in Kobe, creating sculptures and taking part in various art-related activities - one of which is promoting cultural activities as the board of directions of the Conference on Art and Art Projects (C.A.P.).

Using a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal and paint, Tsukiyama places emphasis on "playing" with those materials to fully exploit and maximize their full potential. Don't let the expression "playing" fool you however, as the process in which he delves into the essence of those materials to bring out their best through the form of art can be extremely serious, let alone difficult to imitate. A good example is the installation he created in 2016 for his solo exhibition at GALLERY ASHIYA SCHULE where 406 squared wooden panels were conjoined side by side with each of their knots intersecting one another to cover the gallery space walls. As such, his works are often quite original and true to his values and obsession. " (excerpt from Mayumi Ito's introduction in the catalogue for 39/40)

Yuki Tsukiyama was part of the residency exchange 'See Saw Seeds' between Tashkeel and C.A.P. Studios in 2017.


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