Sawsan Al Bahar

Born in Damascus but Raised in Sharjah, Sawsan is a Syrian architect and artist, trained in architecture and visual media. Sawsan approaches art and printmaking as a cross-disciplinary practice, through which she gears her past influences from her architecture background towards the production of art, combining contemporary architecture production processes with traditional art production techniques. Sawsan’s subject matter lies in looking at the meaning of Time to the people of the Middle East, often by referencing the past and addressing the issues and events of the 19th and 20th century. Sawsan is inspired by themes of time, politics, and history within the Middle East, and aims to record history through her work and document the states that are singular to this region.

Sawsan has participated in numerous national exhibitions and galleries including Sikka Art Fair 2015, Made in Tashkeel 2015, and Abu Dhabi Music and Art Festival 2015.


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