Reema Al Mheiri

Reema Al Mheiri is an Emirati architect with an interest in innovative design. She gained a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Sharjah and is currently pursuing a career as part of a design strategy team in the real estate sector. During her studies, Reema collaboratively worked on various projects addressing modular design, affordable housing and creative placemaking. In addition, she participated in workshops and competitions including the first edition of the Solar Decathlon Middle East in 2018. She also works independently on experience-design oriented projects such as the NOT a SPACE series and the 2018 Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival. In 2020, Reema was selected for Dubai Design Week’s Urban Commissions to prototype a modular retail kiosk. As an emerging designer, Reema aspires to continue producing regionally inspired concepts and become an active member of the growing design community in the region.

During the 2022 Tanween Design Programme, Reema intends to explore the integration of biological ecosystems with human-centric spaces. Intrigued by bio-materiality, she aims to challenge her design thinking and problem-solving skills to facilitate the production of feasible, nature-centric designs and extend sustainable solutions to inherent cultural practices. It is her hope to refine this into a functional piece that both extends the frontiers of sustainability-conscious design while attaining commercial-grade quality.


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