Gosia van Unen

Gosia van Unen is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, naturalist and educator with master's degrees in linguistics, literature and business from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland and the University of Chicago, USA. Since 1995, she studied technical aspects of drawing, watercolour and oil painting in the studio of the Egyptian artist Mansour Ahmed. In the years that followed, she gradually ventured into less traditional fields such as graffiti, sculpture, textile, poly-clay and digital photography. Themes that explore fragility of nature, urban landscapes and nomadic life are major threads in her work. She currently works on personally developed perforated acrylic panels, weaving monochromatic urban landscapes onto them. Since 2008 Gosia had several solo shows in Riyadh ‘Arabian Dreams’ (2012), ‘Urban Landscapes’ (2014), ‘Moods’ (2015), ‘City Lights’ (2015) and participated in many group exhibitions in the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. She recently published a book on Saudi Arabia's desert landscapes ‘Through the Sands of Colour’ and writes about art and nature. Gosia is a member of Tashkeel.


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