Updates from A.i.R Dubai 2014

Hence - Sara Al Haddad

Most-widely recognized for her distinct crochet work, which blurs the boundaries between crafts and art, Sara Al Haddad’s practice is highly driven by materiality and tactility. Sara had previously shown in Al Fahidi at last year’s SIKKA. Her site-specific installation, titled without, combined crocheted yarn and dust, which she collected from the alleys and courtyards of the neighbourhood. Focusing on dust’s akin relationship to memories, Sara responded to Al Fahidi’s historical shift from being a residential area, established in the late 19th century, to a tourist destination with museums, handcrafts shops and cafés. Working in this context for the second time, the artist decided to investigate how transparent and vivid-coloured plastic material interacted with the space and under different light conditions. Contrary to her earlier life-size sculptural piece, where she used natural material, Sara focused on experimenting with industrial materials in her new site-specific hence.

Over the past two months, Sara’s ‘unspoken bond’ with the residency house has been an integral part of her practice. Informed by her spatial observations as well as interest in viewer perception and interactivity, hence activates the not-so-often-visited areas on the second floor, and also attempts to surprise visitors with subtle interventions throughout House 11. Investigating surfaces, depth and light, Sara’s witty and playful installation recreates space within a space. It also calls for a questioning of value of things, objects and feelings, while her plastic – vivacious and modern-looking contrasts with the quiescent historicity of Al Fahidi.