Updates from A.i.R Dubai 2016

FREEWIFI, Wireless Video Transmission and video - Lydia Ourahmane

Lydia Ourahmane is very interested in the structure of society, the workforce and labour.

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3 E1 A2564

The Sleepless Pe-Tal and An Introvert's Dream Party - Jumairy

The Sleepless Pe-Tal, 2016, Installation (furniture, various materials and sound) and An Introvert's Dream Party, 2016, Sound Performance

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3 E1 A3334

Markings I, site-specific Land Art Installation - Moza Almatrooshi

In Markings I, the artist created a pathway marked by flags that display natural textures of rock and sand formations found in Mleiha, an area in the Emirate of Sharjah which boasts a grand desert and...

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3 E1 A2491

Brigade D'Urgence (Emergency Brigade), 2016, Performance (during Art Dubai) - Areej Kaoud

Drawing on her interests in narratives and disaster scenarios, Areej looked at potential emergency provisions designed for the site of the fair, Madinat Jumeirah, which could cause visitors to questio...

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3 E1 A3075

Moza Almatrooshi discussion with Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim

A.i.R Dubai 2016 artist Moza Almatrooshi will engage in a conversation with Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim (A.i.R Dubai 2015 artist in residence) to discuss points of similarity in their work, his views on la...

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A I R Moza Eng

Areej Kaoud performance: The Artist Hard at Work

A.i.R Dubai artist Areej Kaoud will present The Artist Hard at Work, a performance she developed during the research period of A.i.R Dubai 2016 residency. Areej’s new work engages with notions of repe...

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A I R Areej3

Emirati style dinner launch of A.i.R Dubai 2016

An Emirati style dinner to welcome and launch the A.i.R Dubai residency

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A I R Dubai Lunch 01

Curating Residencies, Commissioning Projects

Yasmina Reggad in conversation with Alexandra MacGilp

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