Updates from Critical Practice Programme 2016 - 2017

The Body Keeps the Score

Tashkeel presents “The Body Keeps the Score” by Hadeyeh Badri to mark the culmination of her participation in Tashkeel’s Critical Practice Programme. Having worked with her mentors Roderick Grant and Dr. Alexandra MacGilp over 8 months, Badri chose to explore the intimate and personal account of losing her late aunt, Shahnaz Badri.

The body of work started as an act of commemoration with Badri safekeeping her late aunt Shahnaz Badri's belongings out of an innate fear that she would be forgotten. Observations from the hospital dominate some of Badri’s most cherished and at the same time, most dreaded memories. As her aunt’s primary caretaker at the hospital, she was witness to repeated waves of recovery and relapse, and eventually, as the doctors coined it, ‘deterioration’. “Language is insufficient when describing painful or traumatic experiences” says Badri.

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