Updates from Tanween Programme 2015 - 2016

Meet the Designer - Amer Aldour

What was it about Tashkeel’s design programme, Tanween, that interested you?

I recently started my own design studio and through this programme, I hope to get better insight into processes that would help transform the studio into a successful creative business. The programme also provides a platform for the creation of sellable design that would then be the start of a series or range of products to be conceived through the studio.

What materials have you explored and discovered whilst on the programme?

I continued my ongoing practice of exploring integrated technological components into design products. This includes the investigation and physical programming of new representational mediums.

Who are you collaborating with on your project and what is the nature of the collaboration?

The main collaboration is with a fabrication lab based in Al Quoz called Origin Base which provides technical support as well as a platform for experimenting with different materials and fabrication techniques. This gave me the ability to produce multiple prototypes for different design ideas that could then be transformed into a final design product.

How have the labs and mentoring sessions influenced your process?

I’ve enjoyed the ability to share our working process with participants in the different workshops and, in return, gaining their insights and different perspectives, including technical, commercial and theoretical feedback on our working processes and produced products.

What have been your challenges so far?

The nature of working with new media technology tends to be a challenge of its own, and endeavoring to seamlessly integrate technology into my designs.

What do you hope to take away from this experience?

I hope to further develop my work into a series of products, which will then be showcased as inspiring high-end designed products.