Updates from Tanween Design Programme 2017-18

LAB 002 - Gareth Neal and the designers

An exciting three day LAB was held with London-based furniture designer Gareth Neal, who was invited again this year to support the designers in their exploration of locally inspired concepts. Through his own work, Gareth challenges the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship through contemporary methods, utilising materials to their fullest creative potential.

This LAB focused on development through making rapid prototypes. Following a short presentation of Gareth's practice, the designers discussed their ideas and the motivations behind their concepts, helping them uncover different approaches to their designs.

Once these ideas began to take form, the designers worked in the 3D workshop at Tashkeel to make mock-ups and experiment with materials.

The LAB also covered the costing and budgeting side of product design, emphasising the financial aspect of the process and looking at effective methods of budget management. Tanween alumnae Jumana Taha of Studio MUJU also shared valuable insights on ways of effective communication when approaching and working with local manufacturers.

The next step of the process is the introduction of the programme's local mentor Kevin Badni, Head of Art and Design at American University of Sharjah in August, with whom the designers will discuss their progress so far.