Tashkeel is proud to present Beyond the Fence, a solo exhibition by photographer Jalal Bin Thaneya. This exhibition features a new body of work exploring the unavoidable byproduct of modernity. Jalal has sought to go beyond barriers and bring to the forefront of our gaze the end-of-lifecycle monolithic scrapyards, industrial refineries and metal works typically hidden from public view.

Through extensive research, Jalal has used 4 x 5 large format and digital medium format cameras to achieve incredibly detailed images that convey ritual practices inherent in the inner workings of industry. The process of gaining access and developing trust with the guardians of these locations was integral to Jalal’s journey. The resulting works are a powerful balance and blend of landscape and industrial architecture, composed and structured, yet captured often in moments of chance encounter.

Beyond the Fence marks the culmination of Bin Thaneya’s participation in the Critical Practice Programme 2018/19, during which he was mentored by artist and photographer Jassim Al Awadhi and artist, curator and educator Flounder Lee.

About Jalal Bin Thaneya

Jalal Bin Thaneya is an industrial fine art photographer. Contrast and industrial landscapes are part of his signature photographic expression. This stems from his belief that without industry, our perseverance would not allow us to foresee a better future.

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