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18 September 2019

The Alumni Return

Since its establishment in 2008, around 27 Tashkeel members and staff have travelled overseas to pursue postgraduate studies in art and design. Some return home to the UAE with hope and ambition to us...

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Hadeyeh Badri Body Detail

21 October 2019

Arts Management 2: Creative Writing for Designers

How do you use creative writing to gain a competitive advantage? Examine the ways you can broaden your critical thinking skills through creative writing, exploring the opportunities writing offers as ...

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Nov 16 4

14 October 2019

Traditional Jewellery: Goldsmithing for Beginners

In this course, expert jeweler Lia Staehlin will teach participants how to make a bangle using silver or brass with traditional goldsmithing techniques, such as reticulation and granulation, in combin...

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22 October 2019

Afterschool Arts Club: Tote Bags and Rethinking Waste

Participants will transform their old t-shirts into usable tote bags. The workshop examines ways in which used objects can be repurposed. It encourages sustainable making practices that explore larger...

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22 October 2019

Traditional Jewellery: Wax Molding

Led by expert jeweller, Lia Staehlin, this workshop focuses on the skills required to design and produce a jewellery set drawing on the facilities of wax moulding in silver and gold, a method commonly...

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22 October 2019

Youth Hub Talk: Design Scene in the UAE

Tashkeel Design Manager Lewis Adams discusses the local product design scene; covering topics such as historical contexts, local trends, sustainability and production in the UAE.

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25 September 2019

Critical Dialogues

How is meaning generated in the art world? Join Kevin Jones to re-assess how you generate meaning around your practice. Running from September to December, Critical Dialogues is a course of 12 session...

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26 October 2019

Screenprinting: Logo Mashups

Join the screen-printing workshop ‘Logo Mashups’, a cheeky response to the over-saturation of current trends in fashion of turning affordable and accessible fashion into luxury. In the tradition of de...

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