Yagoub Al Hammadi

Yagoub Al Hammadi is a photographer and professional falcon trainer. He is one of the first pilots of radio planes for falcon trails. In addition, he uses drone photography and was one of the first to use this technology in training falcons.

Yagoub specialises in photography of rural landscapes, wildlife and falconry. He started shooting when he was working as an administrative official in Sheikh Zayed’s private office in Morocco between 2003-2006. A lifelong fan of wildlife photography in general, he became one of the first to use drones in photography. Yaghoub prefers to shoot during the day to highlight the diverse beauty of wildlife and landscapes. His particular favourites are sunrise and sunset, which is especially effective for photographing deer. He has participated in many exhibitions, the most important of which have been Exposure Sharjah in 2018, and Sikka organised by Dubai Culture and Arts Authority in 2019.


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