Tulip Hazbar

Lives and Works:
Dubai, UAE
Illustration, Mixed Media

Tulip Hazbar (B. 1989 - Aleppo, Syria) is a UAE based graphic designer and visual artist, working with variety of mediums such as illustration, found objects, publications, and installations. Hazbar has worked with leading platforms such Canvas magazine, Emirates Fine Arts Society and Art Dubai. She has participated in group shows in Dubai, Sharjah, Doha, and had taken part in art initiatives such as Create and Inspire (Crossway foundation - UK/Brazil/US), RCA secret at Art Dubai, Design House at Sikka Art Fair. Tulip recently took part in an artist residency in Kobe, Japan, as part of the See Saw Seeds Residency Programme. Hazbar holds a BS in Multimedia Design from the American University of Sharjah.

Hazbar’s work stems from the process of collecting tangible and intangible miscellanea. Her practice revolves around reconstructing memories and the ritual of collecting. She attempts to find answers to questions on value, transience and permanence through looking at social interactions, music and found objects.


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