Tasnim Tinawi

Tasnim Tinawi (Syria) is an architectural designer based in Dubai and is currently working with Architecture + Other Things. She was previously an independent researcher at the Sharjah Architecture Triennial. Through furniture design, she further explores unique relationships between the human body, its movement and occupation in space. She co-founded UT-R studio with Uthra Varghese in 2016 while studying at the American University of Sharjah. The research studio practices in both Dubai and New York, investigating the multitudes in which design can elevate the relationship between cultural context and the built environment. They shed light on the complexities of sociopolitical landscapes and reimagine possibilities through experimental processes. The practice integrates work across the disciplines of architecture, art, installation and product design. UT- R studio recently exhibited in ‘Plastic’ (Tashkeel, 2020).

During Tanween 2021, Tasnim will be incorporating found materials from the environment like native shrubbery and groundcovers in the region. She aims to collect and harvest an inventory of local organic material to open up the possibility of its use in functional products.


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