Sue Ming Ng

Sue is a Dubai-based artist who works in oil, pastels, acrylic and graphite. After working in the corporate world for more than a decade, she has just started creating art full-time. A principal theme in Sue's work is the exploration of the human psyche and innate curiosity with others expressed through contemporary portraiture on large size canvasses. A recurrent symbol in her work would be the use of mirrors that are used as a way to engage viewers with her work and to draw a parallel with society's current obsession with living in the world of social media.

The body of her work explores ideas of pictorially rendering space in complex ways and the relationship of the viewer to these spaces. Her interests lay in investigating the dynamics of power in less visible communities of gender, race and culture. Referencing source materials from the public realm including social media platforms, She investigate how human experiences become less poignant and visceral in this age of visual overload. Sue is a member of Tashkeel and previously exhibited in Made in Tashkeel 2019.


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