Darrel Perkins

Darrel Perkins is a printmaker, illustrator and educator from Providence, Rhode Island, USA. His artwork is focused on using intricate flowing patterns carved and printed in bold contrast and a limited palette, often black and white. Subjects tend to depict the human form to portray a narrative scene, frequently with nautical, literary or philosophical tones. While his technical mode of choice is the linoleum relief print, he also works with drawing, painting, wood carving, screen printing and intaglio. To maintain a tactile and tangible aesthetic, all works are handmade.

Darrel received a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education with a concentration in Printmaking from Rhode Island College and an MFA in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, UK. His work has been exhibited and published in the USA, UK, Italy, Spain and the UAE. With a diverse and adaptable range of styles, his illustrations have been licensed for commercial projects such as magazine editorial work, logo design, label design, posters and corporate merchandise.

As an active artist in the community, Darrel has worked collaboratively with local and global non-profit organisations. With a goal of community outreach, he has taken part in mentorship programmes, received grants to paint dozens of murals and regularly hosts artist workshops.


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