Behnoosh Feiz

Behnoosh Feiz learned from reputed artists in Shiraz. In 1993, she relocated to Germany to study naturopathy and interior architecture. She moved to the UAE in 2007, establishing an interior design studio while continuing her fine art practice. A decade later, her curiosity grew for the circle and poetry and her style gradually transformed from expressionism into geometric abstractionism.

The circle is an ancient symbol of metaphysical absolutes and is the only geometrical symbol that has no beginning, no end and no direction. Philosophy of life, ancient literature and poetry are points of interest to Behnoosh. Her artworks illustrate traces of the Persian poet Rumi and points the viewer towards life’s deep interconnections.

Consciousness and self-reflection are subject matters of Behnoosh’s work. The objective is to create an active dialogue with the viewer; to tickle the hidden notions around connections to ourselves and our surroundings; and to open a conversation about existence and the potential rewards when we recognise ourselves and our connection to the greater whole.

Behnoosh is a member of Tashkeel and most recently exhibited in Plastic (2020), Made in Tashkeel (2019), The House of Failure (2019), Play (2019).


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