Alya Al Sanad

Home Country:
United Arab Emirates

"Art doesn't have borders, it just has different identities.

I started photography in college in 2004 and I discovered that it is the world I was looking for. It gave me an outlet to articulate my innter thoughts. In every work there is failure and success and we all look for successes, especially in the field that gives us access to the world.

As a photographer, my favourite tool is my camera; without it I would not be able to do what I am doing today. I can say that it is my friend, it is with me everywhere I go. I enjoy every moment og photography, the hard times, the good times and the most successful times.

I photograph a subject that expresses my idea but I manipulate the images further through the computer with my main tool Adobe Photoshop. This is my favourite part because I feel comfortable that I have finished with the shoot and can concentrate on the image and how it make it the best I possibly can. When I am satisfied with what I have created I have my own personal online gallery where I upload my imagery. I am filled with joy to know the responses og photographers and artists to my creations, and this helps me grow as a photographer. Working with galleries taught me a lot, especially about improving the work I produce. I am hoping to be successful and get positive responses from an audience that I feel my work deserves. However, the best way I can describe my creative process is working without borders, unlimited by my imagination." (Artist statement, 2008)


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