Winter Camp 2020: Crystal Garden

Starts - Sunday 13 December 2020

Azim Al Ghussein


Date: Kits available for purchase from 13 December 2020


10 Students


AED 250.00

Please note that fees are non-refundable.

This item can be delivered for an additional fee of AED 30/box. For delivery, please contact [email protected] after you have placed your order.

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We're very excited to present our remote edition of Winter Camp this year! Participants will engage in various art actvities using materials delivered to their homes. Each session will include a box of materials and a video demonstration to guide young learners through the different Winter Camp activities.

Grow your own Crystal Garden with instructor Azim Al Ghussein! In this kit, participants will create a garden of crystaline objects, making their own structures using pipecleaners and preparing a solution in which a crystal can grow. Participants will be encouraged to experiment with color and 3d forms to create their gardens. This is workshop that emphasises the importance of patience when making things.

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