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5 October 2022

Poetry Evening

Shamma Al Amri, Nujoom Alghanem

The exploration of language is a shared topic for both Shamma Al Amri and the artist, poet and film director Nujoom Al Ghanem. Together, they will lead a workshop exploring the word 'correct'. Nujoom ...

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12 October 2022

So to Speak – The Talk

Shamma Al Amri

Shamma Al Amri joins Jolaine Frizzel (Institute of Emerging Art) to discuss how the non-Arabic speaker can access the work presented in the exhibition as well as Shamma’s journey on the Critical Pract...

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16 October 2022

Copper Etching: Texture & Surface

Majd Alloush

Join Majid Alloush for a two-session workshop to discover the basic techniques of copper etching. Sessions will cover dry point, hard ground line etching, plate preparation and printing.

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23 October 2022

Sunday Funday: Shibori Extravaganza

Diego Mendoza

Children will discover and experiment with a dyeing technique known as the 'traditional Japanese tie-dye'. They will place folded, tied and pinched fabric in a dye bath to create beautiful and experim...

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23 October 2022

How to DIY: Sheet Metal Forming

Ismael Touq

Join makerspace expert Ismael Touq for a three-hour session in sheet metal forming. This is suitable for designers, engineers, hobbyists and DIYers who wish to explore new methods of working with meta...

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