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29 May 2022

Sunday Funday: Mirror Maze Design Challenge

Diego Mendoza

Participants will understand how light travels and reflects. Using this knowledge, they will design a path of mirrors with the objective of guiding a light beam through a maze to illuminate an object.

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5 June 2022

Sunday Funday: Tesselation

Diego Mendoza

A tesselation is a pattern of flat shapes covering a surface without overlaps or gaps. Participants will explore regular and semi-regular tesselations and devise different and simple ways in which the...

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12 June 2022

Sunday Funday: Painting with Bubbles

Diego Mendoza

Using a combination of soap and paint, the young artists will experiment on how to create interesting colourful surfaces with bubbles. Then, they will enrich their bubble paintings using different med...

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26 June 2022

Sunday Funday: Paper Sculptures

Diego Mendoza

Participants will explore on how to create architectural structures using paper. In addition, they will be encouraged to experiment with cut-outs and colour as they increase the complexity of their pa...

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