Lapidarists' Geometry - L'ECOLE Middle East (7 April)

Ended - Sunday 7 April 2019

Mahwish Ehsan


Date: 7 April 2019
Time: 3 - 6 PM
Ages: 16+


12 spaces left


L'ECOLE Middle East, In5 at Hai d3, Dubai Design District

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7 April 2019

Platonic solids, Introduction to stone / gem facets through geometric forms.

At the heart of jewellery-making are the Lapidarists, cutting and shaping natural stone surfaces. Every Lapidarist takes the principles of geometry from Platonic Solids to craft stones, creating endless possible shapes used in finished jewellery pieces. Beginning with a presentation, participants will learn about the importance of the geometric structure of gem facets by Lapidary polyhedrons and their respected endless possible outcomes. Drawing and folding along congruent line segments, the geometrical figures will be single components that make one large geometric faceted art piece. Each of these will resemble that of gem stone facets.

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