Past Workshops

4 July 2020

Artists Working Through Crisis

Kevin Jones

Less a course and more a series of group therapy sessions, ‘Artists Working Through Crisis’ builds on Tashkeel’s equity as a site of support and exchange. By articulating personal and collective “cent...

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20 July 2020

Live Lectures: Arish

Sandra Piesik, Dr.

In this lecture 'Date Palm Universe in the Post – COVID-19 World', architect, researcher and author of ‘Arish: Palm-Leaf Architecture’ (Thames & Hudson, 2012) Dr Sandra Piesik explores date palm culti...

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22 June 2020

Live Lectures: Fermentation

Ines Neto dos Santos

Tashkeel Live Lectures is a monthly online lecture series by leading experts and practitioners that explores the intersection of art, design, environment and science.

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27 January 2020

Fine Art: Sketchbooks

Sonia Brewin

Led by Sonia Brewin, the 8-week course is for artists seeking to expand and clarify their practice. Each session introduces a new technique, concluding with a vibrant group critique. The course will g...

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14 March 2020

Youth Hubx: Collograph Prints

Azim Al Ghussein

In this printmaking workshop with Azim Al Ghussein, learn to use everyday materials such as cardboard to create layered, collage prints using the collograph technique. All materials provided.

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7 March 2020

Nature Talk & Walk

Gosia van Unen

Gosia Van Unen talks about the metamorphosis of the Arabian Peninsula where time is relative, and nothing remains the same for long. Followed by a guided walk to explore the plants behind Tashkeel. Fi...

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2 March 2020

Youth Hubx: Artist Talk with Khalid Mezaina

Khalid Mezaina

Khalid Mezaina’s explores illustration and surface-based design and art through personal interests that include daily findings from around the city he calls home. He will talk about the subcultures of...

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23 February 2020

Screenprinting: Expand Your Practice

Khalid Mezaina

This crash course in screenprinting is ideal for artists and designers looking to access a new technique to enhance their practice or refresh their knowledge. The sessions will cover the fundamentals ...

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23 February 2020

Physical Awareness for Creativity

Emilie Mansour

Join Emilie Mansour for a 2-session course to explore movement within your arts practice; how to apply body-mind centering, visualisation, breathing and improvisation to navigate accidents or provoked...

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8 February 2020

Fine Art: Realistic Drawing

Osama Khalaf

Build up your knowledge about realistic drawing in this workshop, where you will be getting acquainted with the right tools and materials and learn how to observe, outline, shade and create volume in ...

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22 February 2020

Photo Walk: Industrial Dubai

Jalal Bin Thaneya

Join Jalal Bin Thaneya in this photo walk through the industrial warehouses of Dubai. Participants get the chance to explore busy commercial and storage areas where textures and patterns are abundant....

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16 February 2020

Risograph: Small Print Runs

Azim Al Ghussein

Participants will learn to prepare artwork for a limited print run using the Tashkeel’s very own Risograph machine. The Risograph machine is a specialised printing process that uses soy-based ink usin...

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