Updates from Tanween 2021

Meet the Designer - Khawla Al Balooshi

Taht Al Ghaf seeks to pay homage to the ghaf. ‘Oud’ in Emirati dialect means a group of ghaf trees concentrated in one area. The limited edition piece consists of seven pieces of treated wood, shaped as half cylinders – a simple design to highlight the material and showcase the detail of the treated bark. The shadows cast seek to echo the tree’s heritage as a natural shade from the desert sun. The golden tones emitted not only suggest the rays but also the warmth of fires after dark, a nostalgic reminder of past traditions and the importance of family. Taht Al Ghaf evokes the image of the desert; the colour of the sand and the undulating waves of the dunes. Amid the emptiness, a solitary tree stands resilient, saturated by the sun.