Updates from Tanween Programme 2014 - 2015

A look back at Design Programme 2014-2015

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Glory Days, A.I.R

Design Days Dubai will be showcasing the work of four talented UAE-based designers, picked to take part in Tashkeel's 2014-2015 Design Programme. Here, the designers offer their thoughts on Design Day...

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Tashkeel Sends Four Designers to Design Days Dubai, Arabian Homes Young Talent

Tashkeel Sends Four Designers to Design Days Dubai 2015, Q&A

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​Latifa Saeed weaves palm tree creatures for Tashkeel at Design Days Dubai 2015

Working with palm tree leaves, widely available in the United Arab Emirates, local artist and designer Latifa Saeed weaves mobile creature for her 'kinetic khoos' series, a sculptural collection of ch...

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