Tashkeel Announces Cohort for 2024 Critical Practice Programme

"The selection process for Tashkeel’s ninth Critical Practice Programme has been our most rigorous to date, with a broad range of UAE-based and international artists applying. By providing platforms for experimentation, dialogue, and professional development, the CPP plays a pivotal role in shaping a dynamic and varied generation of new visual creatives, fostering connections, and propelling the cultural landscape forward,” said Karam Hoar, Marketing & Communications Manager, Tashkeel.

As one of the few regional initiatives that enable visual artists the time, space, facilities, and collaborative opportunities to focus exclusively on their work for a full year, Tashkeel’s CPP includes the research, production and exhibition of finished visual artwork, all under the guidance of an established mentor.

Tashkeel’s CPP cohort for 2024 includes:

  • Moza Al Falasi, a multidisciplinary Emirati artist whose work explores themes including grief, memory, and the sense of self; for Tashkeel’s CPP, she plans to unravel the relationship between the physical scale of artwork, its contextual impact and the perceptual responses of the viewer.
  • Ranim Al Halaky. a Lebanese-Syrian graphic designer and visual artist whose work emphasises the contemporary and experimental use of typography. Her CPP project will combine her passion for printing and publishing with her work in public installation and material experimentation.
  • Hamad Al Muzaini, a Kuwaiti architect and designer who has worked on projects in Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo. He plans to focus on the early period of nation-building of selected GCC cities, reimagining existing interactions between the human scale and these expansive systems.
  • Noura Alserkal, an Emirati interdisciplinary artist with a master’s degree in metalwork. Who look into ways of telling stories about her genealogy and history through different mediums.
  • Muhummad Shamin Sahrum, a Malaysian artist and designer who plans to develop his visual vocabulary through site-specific installation works and developing process works that link references from Malaysia to the context of the UAE.

Tashkeel's Critical Practice Programme 2024 delivers an intensive platform for exploration through workshops, mentorship, and collaborative projects. Participants delve into pressing social, cultural, and environmental issues, challenging conventional practices. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and research-driven methodologies, the program empowers artists to develop unique voices and contribute meaningfully to the cultural landscape. Tashkeel is committed to nurturing creativity, fostering innovation, and cultivating a vibrant community dedicated to pushing artistic boundaries.