Gerbou Supperclub: An Exclusive Prelude to Dubai's Culinary Revolution

Gerbou, the much-anticipated restaurant set to propel perceptions of Emirati cuisine in Dubai, is delighted to announce an exclusive pre-launch Supper club, offering an immersive preview of its innovative culinary journey. Set against the backdrop of a private Emirati villa in Meydan, the supper club invites just ten guests each evening to experience the progressive congruence of tradition and modernity that defines the ethos of Gerbou. This unique venture is a result of the collaboration between Atelier House Hospitality and Tashkeel, combining culinary innovation with cultural and artistic roots. Together, they forge a space that celebrates Emirati culture through a blend of tradition and contemporary culinary art, offering an unmatched dining experience that is both a nod to the UAE's rich heritage and abundant farmland with a forward-looking culinary adventure.

At the heart of the Gerbou Supper club's intimate dining experience is the culinary mastery of Head Chef Ionel Catau, complemented by the exquisite dessert creations of Chef Sahar Parham. Chef Catau, with his vast expertise honed in Michelin-starred kitchens, brings a unique depth to the cuisine. His approach, skillfully blending traditional Emirati flavors with avant-garde techniques, transforms each dish into a narrative of cultural richness and contemporary refinement.

Adding a sweet dimension to this culinary journey is Chef Sahar Parham, celebrated for her innovation in pastry and dessert creation. Her ability to infuse traditional desserts with modern twists, while maintaining a deep respect for Emirati culinary traditions, perfectly aligns with the ethos of Gerbou. Together, these chefs create a symphony of flavors that transcend the typical dining experience.

The Gerbou Supper club, set in an elegant location, offers more than just a meal. It is a journey through the nuanced flavors and stories that have shaped Emirati cuisine. Each ingredient is meticulously chosen to align with Gerbou's commitment to sustainability, ensuring that every dish not only tantalizes the palate but also honors the local produce and culinary heritage.

"We are excited to introduce the Gerbou Supper club, a prelude to our vision for Gerbou, and we are eager to showcase a dining experience that stands as an ode to the rich Emirati and Arab hospitality and culinary culture " Says Panchali Mahendra, CEO - Atelier House Hospitality

"Through Gerbou, Tashkeel proudly showcases designs from our Tanween by Tashkeel program alumnae, who infuse tradition with contemporary design to serve a modern person’s lifestyle and elevate the elegant dining experience, reflecting our vision of cultural evolution and development.

Remarks Bakhita Ghanim Manager of Tashkeel.

Reservations and Availability

The Gerbou Supperclub is an exclusive affair with limited availability, catering to only ten guests per evening. Reservations are essential and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Operations: Starting from 13th of January, every Saturday and Sunday

Time: 8:00 PM

Reservations link -

Contact number - 00971 502878882

Instagram: @Gerbou @Ionel_Catau @Saharyp @Atelierhousehospitality @Tashkeelstudio