Photo credit: Jerry Balloch

As part of Dubai Design Week, Tashkeel collaborates with Hybridart to present an interdisciplinary, experimental and interactive Soundweaving project produced at Moholy Nagy Art University (MOME) in Hungary.

The collective work of textile designer Zsanett Szirmay and Bálint Tárkány-Kovács composer based on traditional Hungarian embroidery was first showcased at Vienna Design Week (2014).

The edition shown at Tashkeel replaces the Hungarian embroidery patterns with those taken from rugs created by Afghan women artisans who work under the Fatima bint Mohammed Initiative (FBMI). The weaves are turned into geometric patterns which are then punched into cloth – these are in turn re-interpreted by composer Bálint Tárkány-Kovács and cut into tape which is fed through a music machine, with the punched tape acting as the score. The laser cut textile pieces, exhibited with the sound machines, culminate in an installation that straddles art, design and music, balancing between the analogue and the digital, mapping visual and aural cultures.