As the Saying Goes, a celebration of the Arabic proverb, showcases the work of twenty-seven artists from twelve different countries. Passed down from one generation to the next through oral traditions; proverbs are considered the summary of the life experiences of our ancestors and document socio-cultural changes within the nation.

For this exhibition, Tashkeel selected thirty local proverbs and offered them to artists living and working in the region as a source of inspiration. A series of seminars were also held, in order to provide an opportunity for discussion about the significance of proverbs in the twenty-first century and to explore the relevance of proverbs in a multi-cultural society. Interestingly, it became clear that many of the proverbs had parallels in other cultures and that proverbs play an important role not in defining the differences between cultures, but in emphasizing the similarities. Regardless of language or culture, the underlying wisdom passed down from our ancestors is common to us all.

Exhibited Artworks