Walid Al Wawi

Lives and Works:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Walid Al Wawi took part in the Turning Point exhibition at Tashkeel in 2014 with a selection of works.

Modification and tragedy: Making art is a series of diptychs, incorporating a slight difference between stills that affects the narrative impact of each, when compared one to the other. Through this comparison, Walid Al Wawi makes the existence of one image dependent on the other, without their unidentical twin image they do not survive as art. As singular stills they are reduced to a documentation of an unused corner office, that has been modified with little knowledge to those occupying the space around it. Through this playful process of recording and comparing slight modifications, Al Wawi explores the role of the audience and the narratives we construct to bridge changes and gaps in our understanding and memories. In this work and Man on Stool and Stool on Man, Al Wawi moves from a practice that was led by more literal interpretations of reactive and responsive behavior to more objective, playful and collective observations.

Extract from Turning Point catalogue


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