Tim Kennedy

Painting, Photography, Performance, Sculpture

"Over the past 38 years my artistic endeavours have incorporated a variety f art forms including painting, sculpture, film, photography, drama and dance. Despite the variety of media used, the works (both abstract and figurative) are consistent in their compositional preoccupation with time and movement. As an independent filmmaker in New York City, I created films that were shown at several venues from 1973 - 1984: the Whitney Museum, The Collective for Living Cinema and the Millenium Theater.

Since 1999 I have been involved in Cultural Landscape Studies that document and reveal vernacular aspects of both rural and urban landscapes that are at risk of being lost. These studies are not nostalgia based but demonstrate a reflective process to reveal the abstract qualities in the perception of "Spirit of Place".

The process of making"Serial Panoramas" points back to my earliest interest in film composition. They are a composite of many things taken over a short period of time describing a 360-degree cylinder of space. Each image is considered as a separate 'shot' that, collaged together, creates a spatial continuity. The montage of images cut together is similar to film in that disparate pieces of time create a temporal continuity. What differentiates the experience from film is that the various pieces of time are represented simultaneously. The cutting of the 360-degree composition flattens the composite space going the image a characteristic of its own. These formal, painterly aspects are tied to the image's content which documents a "place" whose built environment will be entirely changed (socially, economically and culturally) in the generations to come." (Artist statement, 2008)


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