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Barcelona, Spain

Ruben Sanchez was born and raised in Madrid and was adopted by Barcelona in the early 2000s with short periods in New York City. He is currently back in Spain after three years in Dubai, which began with a one-year residency at Tashkeel. Ruben is a self-taught artist with a strong, graphic style that resonates through his murals, sculptures, public installations, graphic design and video. His works draw from the cultural worlds of graffiti and skateboarding and have appeared in Dubai, Barcelona, Miami, London, Copenhagen, Bilbao, Istanbul and other places.

Ruben was a Tashkeel Artist-in-Residence 2012–2013. In addition to running various workshops (2013–2016), he has exhibited at Tashkeel in his solo exhibition ‘The B Side’ (2013), ‘Made in Tashkeel’ (2014–2015), ‘Connectivity’ (2016), ‘The Print Edition’ (2017) and at Art Dubai (2014).


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