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"I have been living in Dubai for 6 months and as an artist find it impossible not respond to my environment. Dubai the city, is an environment mostly built or under construction. It creates within both positive and negative vibrations. I use my art to balance these opposing stimuli - a cathartic process battling to resolve my disquiet and resolve my daily internal conflicts living here.

The vibrations within resonate for me - creating intellectual concepts in response to external stimulation. They are sometimes the conscious ideas that I collect, deconstruct, compare and contrast in an attempt to resolve and forumlate an understanding or meaning. Sometimes they are poised in a mental recess, compressed and ready to leap from the subconscious, when the right external ingerdient stimulates a trigger, firing them into a potential artwork. The art making is a very important part of my practice. The physical act of making the work and developing the intellectual content and manipulating the various mediums often creates unexpected results that further influence the direction the work will take. Analysis and reflection on completion of the making, often allows me to understand why I have been compelled to produce a particular work and identify what is hidden in composition, content, method and materials." (Artist statement, 2008)


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