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"There' no retirement for an artist, it's a way of life so there's no end in sight, only a path to follow..."

I was brought up in Maharashtra, India and acquired a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from the J.J. Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai. After a succesful teny year stint in advertising and information technology, I decided to explore my roots. Here, in the Middle East, I picked up the brush and tried to find a foothold in the world of art. After experimenting and exploring with the medium of oils, pastels, watercolours and ceramics, I feel that I have finally found my true calling.

Over the last six years, having evolved as an artist, I have devised a completely original style of painting by exploiting various medium. My inner thoughts are the statements of my style on paper. This is abstract realism coupled with thought-provoking images.

Today, I feel that I can call myself an 'artist' in the truer sense of the word. My current body of work is the expression of my thoughts and vision and a means of communication with the audience. If I am able to talk to the audience through my paintings, I will be fortunate to call myself an artist." (Artist statement, 2008)


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