Karam Hoar

Karam Hoar is a Marketing & Communication specialist. Since an early age, Karam has developed passion for photography and technology, and in recent years he focused on mobile photography for its friendly usage, easy to carry around and the extra accessories that are available for cheaper prices compared to owning a DSLR camera and its accessories. Karam is interested in macrophotography, because he loves to see things beyond what the mere eyes see; the other worlds within ours. He uses his iPhone and Samsung Galaxy a separate mobile lens. Being the grandson of a famous writer, Hassib Kayali, Karam grew up in a house that venerates Arabic language. Karam holds a Master's degree in Strategic Marketing from University of Wollongong. He worked for leading cultural organisations such as Dubai Shopping Festival Office and Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation, where he worked on The Abu Dhabi Festival for 8 editions and currently works in Tashkeel.


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