Eman Shafiq

Architect Eman Shafiq (Pakistan) was born and raised in the UAE. Her focus lies in the concept of UAE civic architecture and its transformation since the country’s union in 1971 and the consequent impact on urban culture. Possessing a multidisciplinary approach to design, Eman is interested in the processes of design and fabrication at various scales through digital and traditional means.

Since graduating from the American University of Sharjah in 2019, she has gained experience as an Architectural Research Assistant at the American University of Sharjah, as part of the Architecture Production Team of the inaugural Sharjah Architecture Triennial, and most recently, as a Junior Architect at the Dubai-based practice, X-Architects.

Eman’s interests have expanded towards other design and research areas pertaining to Dubai's cultural and urban development, under the common thematic umbrella of movement, centering on the concept of inflection points for growth. Recently, she established her own product design brand, the Eman Shafiq Design Studio, an exploratory interdisciplinary platform for design, with a current focus on jewellery design. She exhibited in the UAE Designer Exhibition at Dubai Design Week 2020 and Jameel Arts Centre.

During Tanween 2021, Eman will be addressing the environmental challenge of sustainable materials in construction and product manufacturing. She aims to continue her exploratory research, in collaboration with a UAE-based microbiologist and biochemist and under the guidance of design industry professionals, into the integration of biology with architecture. Looking into traditional methods of sand-based construction in the Arabian Gulf, she will be expanding upon her research to identify tangible applications for the use of bacteria to create a sand-based material that can take on structural and non-structural spatial forms.


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