Ana Tolvai

Ana Tolvai studied at the National Art University in Bucharest, where she first developed her interest with the mathematical aesthetics of paper. Originally inspired by the origamic architecture of Masahiro Chatani, her early experiments involved the manipulation of paper, (i.e. its mechanical properties, in order to study the effects of shadow and light across the lines and volumes). Her three-dimensional works are extensions of the geometrical shapes, using straight, curved, or even spiral lines. Over the years, her practice includes drawing, painting, murals, origamic architecture, toy design, experimental architecture and teaching.

Ana has lived in the UAE since 2003. Her work has been presented in various exhibitions including Start ’18 (Dubai Community and Art Centre, 2018); Cut, Light, Cut, Fold, Carve, Cast, Heavy (American University in Dubai, 2019), among others. Ana is a member of Tashkeel.


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