Amir Hazim

Amir Hazim is a Baghdad-born visual artist whose work navigates melancholic memories and futuristic visions inspired by excavation of his early life in post 2003 central Baghdad. His multimedia practice engages his lived experiences, observations, and Baghdad's social history with photography, sound, sculpture, painting, and installation. He is continually exploring human nature as part of larger threads of social history and cultural complexity. Currently his work focuses on photography presented in both cinematic grayscale and vibrant color, where his use of light and shadow has become a signature of his work. Amir Hazim holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Baghdad framing his initial academic training in the Arts. However, his practice and skills continue to be driven and developed autodidactically. His experimental approach tries to utilise various media to create worlds and capture realities pushing the spectators to examine questions around the meaning of art and complacency with their surroundings


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