Mysteries of the mind

In her exhibition Hymns to a Sleeper, Emirati artists Afra Bin Dhaher combines dreamlike photos of everyday objects and mysterious women with poetic captions that lead the viewer on a journey into the...

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The National Arst Life Mysteries 22 Feb 1

Deconstruction of objects focus of exhibitions at Tashkeel

Tashkeel hosted two back to back exhibitions celebrating art from international collaborations in the month of October.

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«تشكيل» يعلن أسماء المصممين المقيمين في الإمارات المشاركين في «برنامج التصميم 2015-2016»

«تشكيل» يعلن أسماء المصممين المقيمين في الإمارات المشاركين في«برنامج التصميم 2015-2016»

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عودة بالنظر لبرنامج التصميم ٢٠١٤ - ٢٠١٥

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Hope, whimsy and strong ties to the UAE emerge in Made in Tashkeel exhibition, The National 2015

Everything on display in Tashkeel's gallery from this week was, as the name suggests, made on site. The annual show, Made in Tashkeel, is a chance for artists, designers and photographers to showcase ...

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Architectural Digest, June 2015

At the contemporary art organisation Tashkeel, architects, artists and designers have found a hub where creativity has no limits.

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